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Have you felt bullied through social media? Do you sometimes feel so stressed out by work or bogged down by what life is demanding of you?

ねekolour is a cat that paints your pain away!

ねekolour, pronounced as "neh-kah-ler" , is a unique collection of randomly generated NFTs.

Each ねekolour comprises of a unique mouth, eyes, collar, hate accessories! Endless possibility!


Why ねekolour?

Cause cats and the internet go together! Jokes aside, cats always held a special place in our hearts. Furry, adorable yet cool and regal in various cultures across the globe.


From ancient gods, to symbols of wealth and luck - they are always a little purrfect friend to be by your side.  We also want these ねekolour to bring you hope and take away your anxiety.


Why adopt a ekolour?

Creating Wallet? Nya? Crypoto-what? Nya? Drop whaaaa? Nya?

ねekolour is the easiest way to want in to NFT!

We are ねekolour, a new NFT-based start-up that believes in creating a new dynamic ecosystem to support the creative industry in the world. We also advocate anti-hate culture that is ever present in the online world and we aim to create a community that resonates against it. 

We hope to gather your support to be part of this project, to spread the news of our cause and mission. 

Hope to mew-t you soon~

ekocolour Team

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NFT (Non Nya-Fungible Tokens) is a way that we make digital assets legitimate. It is "minted" on the blockchain where the data of the digital asset is validated by millions of people...

What is NFT?

When is ねekolour NFT available?

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Drop us an email using the form below. We will let you know when the release or "drop" dates will be! It will be soooo ameowwwzing!

We strongly believe that the amount of negativity in this day and age is becoming toxic. We want to create a community to fight against this. This is a group effort and we need to work together to fight hate!

Why do I even bother?

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