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The Tags Collection -  Senjafuda Stickers 4

The Tags Collection - Senjafuda Stickers 4


Inspired from the designs of 'Senjafuda' (千社札), these Nekolour tags are "Auspicious" and "Well-wishing" stickers that can be stuck on anywhere! Your files, items, documents,phone casings, or even your friend's face! 

So slap on some Auspicious stickers and spread some wholesome positivity!

Design 4: 

Although we love cats, we ALSO love dogs. So this design is inspired by a favourite - The Shiba Inu carrying an ingot; while disgusing as a cat! Above, is a dog version of the Daruma - which symbolizes resilience and getting up everytime one falls. This design aims to wish its bearers resilience, grit and adaptability!

For Comission works: Please note that upon successful payment, an email would be sent to request for information pertaining to your Furkid.

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