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The Tags Collection -  Senjafuda Stickers 6

The Tags Collection - Senjafuda Stickers 6


Inspired from the designs of 'Senjafuda' (千社札), these Nekolour tags are "Auspicious" and "Well-wishing" stickers that can be stuck on anywhere! Your files, items, documents,phone casings, or even your friend's face! 

So slap on some Auspicious stickers and spread some wholesome positivity!

Design 6: 

Inspired by a popular slightly "colourful" local lingo "What the F-", this design aims to replicate the overwhelming energy of the phrase; and translate into an auspicious saying "Huat The Fa" - which literally translates to "Prosper the prosperity" (If that even makes sense). The box behind represents all sorts of goodness that will be delivered to its bearer, and the three coins behind symbolizes wealth! 

For Comission works: Please note that upon successful payment, an email would be sent to request for information pertaining to your Furkid.

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